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Block Rosary


“A Block Rosary is the gathering of a group of people -- usually a group of families who live in the same area, hence the name -- at regular times to pray the Rosary. They usually meet at a different family's house each time, gather around an image of Our Lady, and pray. "Block Rosaries" can be as simple or as ritualized as the organizers like, and can be prayed daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever your group likes.” (Taken from

In Bristol, the Filipino Community began the Block Rosary in 2007. They meet at a different family’s house weekly, usually on Monday, to pray the rosary before the statue of Our Lady. The statue will be carried out to a different house each week and the visit will last for a week per-family. It is a wonderful time for families; children and adults, to be together in prayer and in a familiar community.

* Photos in "the Block Rosary" album taken by Nilora