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FIRST HOLY COMMUNION REGISTRATION: If your child is in Year 3 or above and wishes to participate, please fill in the application form at the back of the church or contact Mr Douglas Egbuonu at or Fr Nico at parish@stmary-on-the-

Feast of St Joseph Freinademetz: Thursday 29th January is an important day in the calendar of the Society of the Divine Word. It is the Feast of Saint Joseph Freinademetz. There will be a novena in his honour during 12.15pm Mass from Tuesday 20th to Wednesday 28th January. All are welcome.

5.15 p.m Music Ministry: The group that ministers at the 5.15pm Mass on Sundays has lost most of its membership and is therefore in urgent need of an organist, pianist or other musician, and singers at this Mass. We minister on the second and fourth (and occasional fifth) Sundays of the month, practising from 4 p.m. on the day. If you would like to help, please contact Helen - – or Fr. Nico - or speak to a member of the group.

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Delta Recovery Club


Delta Recovery Club at St Mary on the Quay (Monday - Friday 9.30-3.00pm) 
“Mighty oaks come from little acorns.”
Detoxification from prescription medication can be a very difficult challenge, especially if you are doing it on your own. The Delta Recovery Club provides the support participants need to complete a detox and get really well. They will also help you find further support after you complete your detox.

A New Book from Our Parishioner - Douglas Egbuonu

Vatican II on Mary: The Case for the Definition of the Spiritual Motherhood of Mary is a newly published theological treatise on Mary written by Douglas N. Egbuonu, a member of our own SMQ parish.
A product of his postgraduate studies at the University of Bristol. It is a challenging, interesting and an important work for evaluating the role of Mary  on the Church.



Two years ago, after 37 years of chronic ill-health and having survived a brain haemorrhage, I picked up the phone and called a complete stranger and asked, "Am I too ill to go to Lourdes?" Deacon David Wakefield replied, "No, Mary is calling you." And thus the journey that changed my life forever began.

I told my sons, who are in their 20s, that I was going to the south of France for a week and they replied,"mum you've been in Bristol eight months and you haven't made it the 3 miles to the Harbourside." I told them Blessed Pope John Paul II has gone to Lourdes a year before he died and the answer I got was, well, he had an entourage. I said yes Tom, and so do I!